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The Kinetix365 Team


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Kinetix365 digital experiment zone. As we embark on scaling our value digitally, we are seeking robust feedback on some potential digital experiences as and when we design them. This is where your precious time & thinking comes in. Please read the “experiment description” & follow the suggested steps. Your feedback is anonymous and is truly appreciated. Thanks!

Evolving Our Look & Feel

Thank you to everyone who spend time looking at our “look & feel” options during the last experiment. The following is an evolution based on that feedback. Our aim is to make the “path to value” cleaner and more obvious, while making it easy option to browse and get a stronger sense of who we are as a company/brand (if required by the patient before deciding to purchase).

Step 1

Enter the new home page via the link below and generally take a tour.

Step 2

Complete the quick survey to provide feedback

The Treatment Pack Experience

Our focus right now is to nail the Neck Pain Treatment Package. This is our first generation of a digital treatment pack that is focused on trying to find the correct level of content to digest (without overwhelming) and tuning into Kinetix365 as a trusted brand via the video experiences

Step 1

Enter the first version of our digital treatment pack for Neck Pain via the link below. Follow the process, flow and try to imagine that you have just purchased this package (and you are genuinely dealing with a neck pain issue at the moment). We are not suggesting that you do that actual exercises but walk through the experience as if you are consuming it over a period of time.

Step 2

Complete the quick survey to provide feedback

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Treatment Pack Survey

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